5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Business to the Cloud

The Cloud computing technology has brought so many benefits to businesses. With the growing number of web-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, being used in business environments, it becomes essential for many business owners to utilize cloud computing technology to be more efficient and improve their business performances. In order to understand how cloud computing system works, let’s think of it as a virtual invisible storage. Users can retrieve or access their data from this virtual storage through internet network. In other words, as long as users are connected to the internet, they can do their businesses anywhere, anytime.

In today’s reality, many small businesses require the latest technology to run their business with very limited amount of time, space and even expenses to waste. Cloud computing system provides the solution to these problems. Below are the 5 main reasons why you as a small business owner should take your business to the cloud.


The main goal for any business is to make money. This can be achieved by maximizing profit and reducing expenses. Cloud computing system allows your company to cut back a lot of expenses by spending less money to buy hardware, facilities and equipment to store data. Your company will also save a lot of office space that can be utilized for other important things.


In order to be more efficient in your business, you need a great tool to access data from anywhere and anytime. This is possible with cloud software because your data is stored in the invisible storage system and it can be access anywhere as long as you have connection to the internet.


Every business owner understands that effective collaboration within the company is one of the most important aspects to build good organization or businesses. In the old days, businesses used e-mail to communicate with one another. Imagine how many hours you need to spend to send e-mails with the same content to thousands of people. Cloud computing technology can solve this problem by making it easier to share files. For example, you can simply upload the file to the cloud and give access to people that you want to share the file with. Then, they can simply download the file from the cloud. This process will save a lot of time since you only need to upload the file once.

Automatic Software Updates

The Success of your business relies heavily on the latest version of the software that you use. The are no perfect software and that is why software companies are constantly enhancing their software. In order for the software company to improve your experience in using their software, they need to constantly give you the updated version of their software. Some software updates can happen numerous times in a year. Cloud computing system allows your system to be updated with the latest technology. This can include upgrades to the software as well as updated version of the software.


The Loss of the data is one of the major problems that many businesses have to faced. This is because the cost of retrieving the data is expensive and can take a lot of time. Many unexpected events such as stolen laptop, damaged computers, or even fire are some of the factors that responsible for business owners to lose valuable information. Cloud computing system can prevent your business to lose valuable data in case one of these incidents happens. Since your data is stored online in the cloud, you can still gain access to it no matter what happens to your computer. All you need is to access it with different computer. Furthermore, in case your computer is stolen or lost, you can remotely erase all the data from the stolen or lost computer to prevent your data falls into the wrong hands.

Environmentally Friendly

When your business is in the cloud, you will use less papers in your office. The Cloud technology makes it easier for you to access your business files in digital format. This is not only saves your business from using a lot of papers, but also reduce paper waste to the environment.

After checking these 5 amazing reasons for why you should take your business to the cloud, I bet you are feeling like start doing it right away. So, waste no more time and kick things off with SlickPie today!


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