6 Tips to Make a Killing Product Pitch



Presentations can be quite intimidating, especially for those who are not used to it. This is because you need to stand in front of people and talk about a certain topic. For some people, this can be a very uncomfortable situation in which they have to draw a lot of attention to themselves and one small mistake can lead to embarrassment. Although having confidence is important, a great presentation must also have well-thought and well-organized content. In product pitch presentation, investors are looking for specific details of both your product and your aggregate business performance. They require you to be precise, knowledgeable, and informative in short amount of time.

Below are the 6 tips you need to know to be successful in your next pitch.

What are you going to tell them?

The first step is to tell investors about your idea or product. The key to success is to keep it short and interesting. This step is very crucial to your whole presentation process because it is your chance to capture your investors interest so they will want to hear the rest of your presentation. You may use personal story to engage with the investors but the important point is to rise their interest level.

What is your vision?

The next step is presenting your idea or product in short details so you can start by talking about your vision. For example, what is currently happening in the world? Then, you can talk about your analysis of the situation such as the problems that people are having and how your product can be the solution to those problems.

Is there space in the market for you?

Your investors want to know how well you know your industry and your competitors. Every businesses faces competition. Otto van Bismark once said “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” What he meant by that is it’s important to be able to identify who your competitors are, and what they are doing differently, so it can help you to make your product stands out in the market. There are a lot of things you can learn from your competitors such as their marketing and distribution strategies. Investors want to hear that you are able to identify your competitors and what can you learn from them. Also, research on the competitors can help you to position your product in the market and help you to build strong competitive advantages in the future.

How will your product benefit your customers?

Customers are not just the most important part of your business, they are your business. The first thing you need to tell your investor is your target market. For an example, the kind of customer or geographic area you are targeting. Investors also want to know how much do you know about your customers. What they want from your product, how customers can be benefited from using your product, and why customers want to use your product again. These are the questions that you can ask yourself to get an idea of your customers’ behavior and their value to your product.

How do you make money?

In this part, you need to be able to tell investors how do you deliver your product to customers. For instance, do you use any online platform, social media, outlet, or delivery services? It is important to disclose your expenses and sales revenue to your investors. This is to give them an idea of how effective your distribution channels are.

What are you asking from your investors?

Last but not least, you need to tell your investors what do you want from them. You need to be specific on what you are asking for. You can ask for mentorship, networking, or money, then you need to explain to them why you want it.

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