4 Payroll Financing Options for Payday Emergencies

One of the most unsettling feelings you can have as a business owner is to find yourself low on funds when it’s time to run payroll. While it’s very stressful, the first thing you should know is that this happens. Second, there are payroll financing options created just for small businesses who’ve gone through the exact same thing.

New businesses often struggle with cash flow. An established business could suddenly be hit with a large, unexpected expense or for some businesses it’s because your outstanding invoices haven’t come in as quickly as needed. In fact, this post was inspired by conversations with several SlickPie customers.

If not having enough money to make payroll was really rare, these payroll financing options would never have been created. (Note: While it’s good to know you have options, it’s even better to not have to use them.)

What you should do once you realize you can’t make payroll

To start, you should figure out how much time you have before you need the money for your payroll. This will help you determine which payroll funding option is the best for your business. Using free expense management software like SlickPie can help you take care of that.

Then, you should also communicate with your staff and let them know what’s happening and that you’re looking for a solution. Even if it’s only one day before payday.

If you’re worried about causing panic by telling your staff that you have a cash flow shortage, think of how much worse it will be if you “surprise” them on payday. Consider that, in the United States alone, 71% of workers said it would be hard to pay the bills if their checks were even a little late.

If things get down to the wire and you’re using a payroll provider, you should also give them a call to let them know what’s happening. If you’re making an honest effort to solve the problem, you’re less likely to get listed as a credit risk for insufficient funds. Depending on your provider, they might also be able to offer suggestions. Again, we emphasize, this happens to a lot of small businesses.

What you need to know about payroll funding for small business

Because payroll financing requires a quick turnaround, the best options are short- to medium-term loans, a business line of credit or invoice factoring. Sometimes you may hear one or all of these options classified as payroll loans. All are conveniently offered by online lenders.

If you’re wondering why a traditional small business loan is usually not your best choice when you’re looking for payroll financing, it’s because of the lengthy application and approval process that’s required.

Using short-term loans to fund payroll

A short-term payroll loan will help you finance your payroll within two to three business days or sometimes as little as one business day. If you choose this option, plan to pay the loan back within 12 months and expect to have a higher interest rate.

Using medium-term loans to cover the cost of payroll

If you have up to five business days (a week) before you need payroll financing, you can look into a medium-term loan. With a medium-term payroll loan, you’ll have a longer application and approval process. However, as a result, you’ll have up to five years to pay the amount back. Your interest rates will also be a little lower than with a short-term payroll loan.

Using a business line of credit to finance payroll

If you think there’s a good chance you might have to use payroll financing more than once in the near future, you might want to consider a business line of credit. More of a long-term solution, a business line of credit provides you with a set amount of money that you can access as need. You also only pay interest on the money you take out.

While business lines of credits are available through traditional banks, they’re much more time-consuming and harder to qualify for than if you apply for one by going through an online lender. Depending on the online lender, you may also be approved in as little as one business day.

Using invoice factoring to cover payroll

If you’re a business-to-business company, you may also be able to sell one of your unpaid invoices in order to finance payroll. This is called invoice factoring. What a purchaser (factor) will do is offer to buy your invoice at a percentage of its value. The factor then gives you the money and collects their funds when the invoice is paid by the customer.

Although the invoice faction is a well-established funding option, there are several variations on this model. When you search for a company that offers invoice factoring, make sure you understand how it works and what the terms will be.

As the main variable in qualifying for invoice factoring is the quality of your invoice, invoice factoring is also a good option for new business-to-business companies who may not have an established credit history.

Do your homework researching payroll financing options

Even if you’re in a hurry, you want to research your payroll financing options, comparing:

  • Approval time — how long it takes to get approved.
  • Time to receive funds — how long it takes to get the money after approval.
  • Available amounts — how much you can get.
  • Payback period — how long you have to pay the money back.
  • APR — annual percentage rate (interest rate).

You’ll also want to find out what financial and business information you’ll need to provide in order to qualify, such as a credit history, annual revenue and how long you’ve been in business.

How to avoid needing payroll financing in the first place

Again, no one ever intentionally plans to have a gap in their cash flow. In business as in life, we all learn as we go. This is why learning how to read and understand your business financials is so vitally important.

Small business owners come from a range of backgrounds, including varying levels of financial knowledge. But, if you know that accounting isn’t your strength, find a trusted accountant and bookkeeper to help you manage your books. With cloud-based accounting tools, like SlickPie, this process is even easier than ever before.

Even if reading financial statements doesn’t come naturally, every bit of knowledge that you give yourself makes a world of difference. By regularly reviewing how the money flows in and out of your business, you’ll get a better understanding of the ebbs and flows unique to your business.

For instance, if you run a seasonal business and through monitoring your financials, you know that March is always a slow month, you can then plan ahead by setting funds aside from peak periods, adjusting inventory and reducing shifts for hourly workers.

One final tip — always pay your payroll taxes

Whenever you use a payroll financing to solve a shortage of funds, make sure you also pay your payroll taxes. Payroll taxes are the sums that employers take out of employee paychecks, such as income tax and various social programs, depending on the country.

As payroll taxes are taxes, you’ll only be adding to your woes if you fall behind on your payments. The tax authorities in charge are not lenders and interest on late payments compounds quickly.

If you’re already taking on interest from a loan, you don’t want to make things worse by falling out of grace with the tax authorities. When you have to use payroll financing, borrow enough money to cover every aspect of your payroll. That way you only have to pay interest to one entity instead of several.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — but’s also good to be prepared

While everyone wants to avoid mistakes or cash flow shortages, they happen. No matter how rigorous you’ve been with your financials. Knowing that there are payroll financing options, like short- and medium-term loans, a business line of credit or invoice factoring, is the first step in being prepared — should the worst ever happen.

If you’re startup or micro-business looking for free online accounting software, check out SlickPie.

This article is intended to be informational only and does not replace the expertise that comes from working with an accountant, bookkeeper or financial professional.

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What to Look For in Accounting Software

Have you ever noticed how some people are great with numbers, yet others just can’t seem to get their heads around them? When you’re trying to do a few simple calculations in your head, not being too great with numbers is probably not going to be a problem.

If however, you’re looking to work out your accounts for the latest financial year, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Even if you’re confident in your mathematical abilities, as a business owner/freelancer, you probably struggle to find the time to sit down and go through your books on a regular basis.

This is where accounting software such as SlickPie can really pay off, as the software can make life so much easier for you, or your accountant. The problem with accounting software is that no two pieces of software are exactly alike, and they certainly have not been created equally, so some are great, and some aren’t.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity and save time in the process, accounting software is ideal. To make life easier still, here we’ll be providing you with an overview of what to look for when deciding on accounting software to handle your finances.

Online Invoices

Whether you’re a business owner or a freelancer in general, you will almost certainly need to send invoices to your clients, and unless you’re stuck in the dark ages, your invoices will more than likely be done online. When searching for accounting software, look for software which provides you with the ability to send online invoices.

Good accounting software can be designed to automatically send over invoices to specific clients for you, on dates of your choosing. For example, if you have a client who wishes to pay you the same amount weekly, you can select software which will automatically send an invoice to said client once per week, for the predetermined amount.

It may not sound like much, but having the ability to automatically send over invoices without you having to lift a finger will save you a great deal of time, and will help reduce the likelihood of billing mistakes.

Expense tracking functions

Remember, one key reason why you’ve chosen to purchase accounting software in the first place is to help get your accounts and finances in order. An integral part of any accounting formula is having the ability to track and manage your expenses. Look for software which allows users to record all purchases and expenses.

Ideally the software should let users do this manually, or alternatively, to have receipts automatically logged and recorded with automated data entry tools such as MagicBot. Again, this is ideal because it helps save you a great deal of time, and money.

Multi-currency capabilities

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, many freelancers who work exclusively online can now offer their services and/or products to people located all over the globe. While this is incredibly beneficial, the only possible downside is the fact that different countries have different currencies.

When selecting software for your accounts, look for software with multi-currency capabilities. Basically, these tools allow you to send and receive funds in a variety of different currencies, all with a few clicks of a button. As an example, you could receive payment in Euros from a European client, and could easily have it converted to USD in a matter of seconds.

These functions let you send invoices to clients in the currencies of their choosing, allowing you to expand your reach and to offer your products/services to a global market. The software will then take care of the necessary exchange rates and conversions, and that is pretty much that.

Late payment reminders

One downside associated with working as a freelancer and/or being a business owner, is the fact that some of your clients will almost certainly fail to pay you on time, every time. For freelancers, chasing up late payments can be a part-time job in itself, and it is certainly not going to put you in the best of moods.

You’ve done the job and have done all that has been asked of you, yet not only have you not received what is owed to you, you will now have to waste even more of your precious time chasing up late payments and trying to get money owed to you. When purchasing accounting software, look for software which comes complete with late payment reminders.

Software such as SlickPie will automatically send reminders when payment is due and when it is overdue, so you needn’t worry about wasting yet more time trying to get back your own money. You can set up reminders to automatically go out at intervals of your liking.

For example, your 1st reminder could be sent out automatically 2 days before the payment due date. The 2nd late reminder could go out 7 days after the payment was due, and you could then set up further reminders to go out, say, every 7 days onward.

Top of the line security

Remember, we aren’t talking about a personal social media page here, we’re talking about software dealing with your personal finances, expenses, and banking details. Needless to say, you want software which offers you the best possible security capabilities that money can buy.

When choosing accounting software, look for software which offers bank-grade security. You want to ensure that all of your data is backed up regularly, along with state-of-the-art encryption services for your data.

A good accounting software should offer the best security tools and capabilities that money can buy, so do your research and make sure you find software that ticks the necessary boxes.

Great support

Using any new form of software can be difficult to begin with, and you will almost certainly need help here and there, to help get your head around things. When purchasing accounting software, look for software which offers you the best tech and customer support that money can buy.

Ideally you want phone support where you can chat with real-life advisers, rather than automated robots. Online support in the form of email and live chat, is also very, very beneficial. When choosing software for your accounts, make sure you go with the best support available to you.








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Best Ways to Work in the Cloud

The ever-changing business world is now more reliant on modern technology than ever before. While this may be slightly intimidating to some, for many of us, this is very welcome news and we should therefore embrace change rather than fear it.

Over the last couple of decades, the internet has changed vastly and back then, if you’d told people that in the near future they would be able to store data, files, and applications on devices outside of their offices and homes, they would have looked at you as if you’d lost your mind.

Years later however, here we are with cloud-computing now more prevalent in the workplace than ever before. Embracing the cloud is one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make, yet knowing how to use the cloud correctly is a whole other matter entirely.

Cloud computing is extremely beneficial if used correctly, the problem with digitization is the fact that it can be fairly complex to get your head around. If you’re looking to hop onto the cloud, here’s a look at some of the best ways to work within the cloud.

Make sure you know where your data is

The great thing about working in the cloud is the fact that your data is not actually stored in one physical location at all. It is instead stored ‘in the cloud’ which means it is stored virtually and that it can be accessed from anywhere, on multiple devices, at any time.

Now, this is all well and good, but you still need to know where all of your personal data is going. You see, if you don’t know where it is going, how can you be expected to secure it?

We all know that cloud-based servers and services are incredibly safe and secure, but what happens if you need to terminate your cloud contract, or if the provider goes out of business? Ideally you want dedicated hardware in place because, because this way, it allows you to be able to single out a piece of equipment and know that that is where your data is being stored.

Don’t utilize a centralized cloud model

When it comes to working in the cloud, it’s important that you hedge your bets and leave yourself with numerous possibilities.  You see, if you utilize a centralized cloud model, speed and performance will almost certainly be compromised, as well as security.

A centralized cloud model could put your personal data and assets at risk due to power outages, cyber attacks, natural disaster, or anything else. Rather than going with centralized models, instead look for global managed networks with cloud distribution centers located all over the globe.

Make sure your networks are optimized

When it comes to working in the cloud, ensuring your networks are optimized is absolutely essential. More and more businesses and freelancers alike are now embracing cloud computing and because of this, performance, reliability, and speed, are more important than ever.

You can utilize technology which optimizes performance and application performance, leaving your networks working much quicker and far more reliable than previously.

Ensure data is backed up

The great thing about working in the cloud is that the cloud often performs backups for you on a regular basis. When you select a cloud-based service however, make sure it offers regular backups, and make sure that these back ups are actually being carried out.

Accountants utilizing accounting software for example, obviously need their data backing up regularly, because they are dealing with sensitive financial information of their clients.

Accounting software such as SlickPie is designed to perform regular backups for you, though before you proceed any further, you must ensure that your data is indeed being backed up and stored safely and securely on the cloud.

Embrace mobile device management

Mobile device management, or MDM for short, is incredibly important when it comes to doing business in this day and age. Currently, more than 1 in 2 people now own a smart phone, with the vast majority of us now preferring to browse the web with smart devices like phones or tablets, rather than with computers and laptops.

Because of this, when it comes to working in the cloud, make sure you embrace mobile device management. Look for cloud-based services which help you to secure mobile devices, and manage them effectively, to ensure that over-usage, security breaches, and data roaming charges, aren’t factors. The cloud services you select should ideally support all operators and mobile platforms.

Perform regular security tests

No matter how safe and secure a cloud service may claim to be, when you’re storing such sensitive and important data on there, of course there will be a small voice in the back of your mind asking ‘what if’? You want to ensure that your info and data is safe and secure, so ideally you should take nothing for granted and should have regular safety and security tests carried out.

Many business owners and freelancers therefore, get in contact with computer security specialists and basically hire them to attempt to hack into the cloud and to test the security protocols put in place.

If these security experts can find a way to access data which should be kept safe and secure, unfortunately this means that hackers and cyber criminals out there can also do the same thing. Regular security tests will determine how secure your cloud server is, plus it will help show you where any weaknesses and vulnerabilities lie.

Look for a managed service

In the business world, time is money, and for every second that people can’t access your website, they can’t hire you or buy from you, so you’re losing money.

When using the cloud, look for a service that can deal with high levels of traffic, without having your site crash when its bandwidth has been exceeded. Ideally you should go with cloud-ready architecture which you can utilize exclusively as a managed service.









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So You Want to Work for Yourself?

9 out of 10 small business starting this year, will fail. The 10% that succeed, execute on a careful business plan. How do you know that you have that will succeed and what steps you can take to ensure you don’t become part of the 90% that fails?

Failing to plan is a good plan to fail. Many quit their job in the hopes that there are plenty of contracts or freelancing work. Even though it may look like that guy over there is making a ton of money, the truth may be something different. They may be successful but it does take years of connections, effort and work to reach a certain level. Let’s discuss what exactly is the secret ingredients for success that will avoid failures.

Failure to cut costs

You should be ready to ruthlessly cut costs in the initial years of your business. Being a business owner doesn’t mean that you need to buy everything. That is the wrong mindset.  If you can start your business from a small warehouse, you don’t need to lease huge commercial space in downtown. Lease or rent the equipment whenever possible instead of buying it (you could even take advantage of an equipment leasing calculator to assist you with that). If you are someone with the mindset that “I need to buy everything upfront so that I can focus on producing”, buy used hardware or equipment from Craigslist instead of brand new. I met a business owner in Canada who drove more than 150 miles to buy and pickup equipment’s from a USA based business who happened to be upgrading themselves and thus saved more than $12,000. These savings are of immense value when you are just starting out. If your business is successful, you will get plenty of opportunities to buy brand new stuff.

Cash Flow is important

When you are new and have little brand awareness, your prices may not be at the top level. Asking for 50% or more deposit as soon as an agreement is signed, can protect your bottom line. Most clients will agree to it as they know they are getting a good deal.

You may not know all about tracking income and expenses in the beginning. Start using online accounting software’s like SlickPie, right from away when you met a client for a coffee or paid for something from your pocket. Doing this will ensure there is no leakage of your money. Send your invoice right after work is done. Most businesses fail due to poor cash flow. What if your biggest client where you spent your most of your time didn’t pay? Or if they pay late in 60, 90 or even 180 days? There would be always some surprising extra costs that you didn’t plan for foresee. This all can lead to long sleepless nights. A good accounting software should follow up with clients that have not paid you on time and allow you to take an action to save the day.

Be ready for lifestyle change

Mostly qualified and experienced employees do earn more than freelancers. They have a stable income and a nice lifestyle. If you are someone who thinks that have something that will take you to the moon, go ahead and start your own business but be willing to live at basic income for years without any social life and no lifestyle. You will end up working 12-14 hours a day during the prime years of your life, but there is also a possibility that any success will bring more money and a better lifestyle with the option of being your own boss.

Most freelancers start small, providing superior services to a small set of clients for a few months and build upon that base. Ideally, current employers should be your first client. You know the process, they have the tools you need to perform and you just sell your expertise as a contractor without any social security net that you get as an employee. This potentially puts more money in your pocket to save or reinvest into your nascent business. Never steal clients from your employer, but build those valuable relationships and they will start referring you some of their friends from their group. Bounce ideas off your existing connections to see who can be a part of the team at some other stage of your business.

Are you from the UK, Australia, or New Zealand? Then This Is for You!

SlickPie is constantly improving so businesses from all around the world can have access to top-notch features and tools to help them get paid faster. Many improvements have been made in the past months and now we have yet some other exciting news to share with you, so here it goes: from now on, users from the UK, Australia, or New Zealand will enjoy unlimited access to live bank feeds from their own local banks! That’s right! SlickPie has just expanded to support all the major banks in these countries to deliver the best experience possible to our users!

This great product enhancement will allow users to obtain up to one year of historical data and to handle bank authentication with more security and ease of use than ever. Finally, after some extensive share of hard work from our devs team, this benefit is now live to help small businesses thrive even more. So access your SlickPie account right away and start taking advantage of it, the improved live bank feeds today!

A 2016 Retrospective: 3 Awesome SlickPie News You Can’t Miss

At SlickPie, we have one mission – to help small business owners run a better business. Since the first line of the code was written, we’ve significantly fine-tuned SlickPie and adding more functionality to help better suit your needs.

Helping freelancers, consultants, and other small business owners work more efficiently is incredibly important. Why? As per Labor Department productivity, the hourly output per worker, over the last four quarters increased just 1.6%. Higher productivity results in higher income without boosting the cost of products & services. The productivity needs to be increased.

From simpler online accounting to a more intuitive bank reconciliation, you’ll find plenty of new ways to streamline your business management with SlickPie—so you can spend more time on billable productive work. There were hundreds of small improvements under the hood that made SlickPie even slicker and ready for 2017.

Better and Broader Bank Feeds: We found that many of our users were from Australia, New Zealand & UK but we were not able to provide live bank feeds for them. We made many improvements in our bank feeds and now we support all the major financial institutions worldwide. Improved banking data along with seamless bank reconciliations makes your day to day accounting a breeze. We have also made changes that seamlessly import statements downloaded from your bank if live bank feeds are not available for your bank.

Improved Onboarding Process: Many of us are just starting out to use an online accounting software for the first time. For those of us, we have eliminated many steps and now automatically create local sales tax and chart of accounts or categories that you can edit to fit your needs. This means you get to sending your first invoice in the minimal time possible.

Introducing MagicBot: Not only MagicBot attach a copy of the receipt or bill to the transaction but read all key financial data from those documents to automatically create those transactions for you. You can scan all of your files and dump them into a Dropbox folder and let MagicBot do the rest of your accounting. There can’t be more flexible and powerful way to save tons of time and bring efficiency in your business.

SlickPie already allows you to add a document to any transaction so you’ve backup if you’re being audited. Most of SlickPie users also use this option to attach contracts, agreements, check images and other important business documents. No more “shoebox,” because everything is on the cloud, secure and backed up. When needed,  you can easily download individual documents to your computer.

We also improved support for worldwide date formats, added support for recoverable sales tax like GST in Canada. Now you can run sales tax reports on the basis of components of a tax. Last year we also Integrated with PayPal and Stripe so that you can receive online payments. We have further simplified getting paid using PayPal or by credit card directly from your online invoices. Getting Paid by credit card is just simple one click process.

Work is currently in progress on important features like multi-currency, quotes & estimates, and improving functionality on mobile devices. The new year is leading us to make some pretty slick and very significant improvements to our accounting app.

If you love SlickPie, we’ll be eternally thankful if you tell a friend about us today!

Safeguard Your Business From Client Poaching

You are a contractor in the Entertainment and Event Production Industry, and things were going well up till now. You hired your first employee, a family friend because you wanted to make giant leaps in the market.

The new blood has the knowledge, experience, and quality to get things done. He is building strong relationships with your customers, vendors, and partners and you are investing money into him, so he is always productive. You trust him and are focused on making things better for your employee, clients and yourself. And suddenly, he quits.

The next thing you come to know is that your clients are being poached by him for a reduced price, and perhaps a better service because he knows your weaknesses. The bad news is that you find that some of your clients are willing to jump ship. So, in that case, what do you do when your ex-employee or sub-contractor start poaching your clients?

You can complain to your mom or break his hands for cheating and try to take unfair advantage of your well-established business. After all, it takes years of investment and marketing strategies to build a solid client base, but the other guy stole it and didn’t even have to invest a dime in it.

Here’s how you can protect your business from client poaching.

The first thing you should do is to look at the papers you asked your employee to sign at the time of joining. In fact, job and confidentiality agreements for the most creative workers usually have a clause related to the non-solicitation.

For example: “… agree that during the term of your employment with the Company and for 24 months after the termination thereof, regardless of the reason for the employment termination, you will not, directly or indirectly, solicit or attempt to solicit, or accept any business from any of the Company’s Clients, Prospects, and Vendors with whom you had Material Contact during the time of your employment with the Company. ”

If you have something like an above duly signed agreement by your ex-employee or sub-contractor, it can be fully enforced by the courts. It’s the right time to get a lawyer involved and usually “a cease and desist letter” may be enough.

Your ex-employee can opt to ignore this letter as it has no legal standing, but this gives you an opportunity to start a legal action. Courts have been diligent, and there are chances you may recoup part of your losses and might even claim the income lost.

Hiring lawyers is the financial decision that will cost you both time and money. It may not get you all your clients back, but a crippling legal judgment against the bad guy can put tape on the leakage and will stop the dripping.

By taking these necessary actions, you’ll be able to stop your ex-employees from taking advantage of your business. In fact, any business owner can sustain a long-term relationship with its clients by being honest, transparent, and loyal to them. Once you do so, they’ll stay hooked to your company’s products and services.

New! Meet MagicBot – Data Entry No More


One beautiful evening during a visit to a family friend who owns and operates a small printing shop, the owner patiently opened up a box full of receipts. He lined up all the bills and receipts from the box and started typing them in an Excel sheet while we were chatting. It took him more than two hours or so, and once done, he powered his other computer on, logged in and started entering that Excel data in his accounting software. We were chatting, drinking, and having fun, but it was becoming slowly boring, and finally just before midnight, he was done.

An evening that was supposed to be fun, ended up quite dull and boring. Unfortunately, that was the only time the poor soul could have done this time-consuming and repetitive task. He is no different than millions of other small business owners working almost 70-80 hours a week and still barely catching up because the world is not made for them.

On the way back home while driving, I thought over this. This needs to change. He does not have to do this thing again, ever. This led us to MagicBot, the modern foundation of an accounting cycle in the 21st century. The changing landscape of small business bookkeeping and accounting demands that humans spend minimum time on boring, repetitive, and dirty tasks. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and accountants are some of the hardest-working people on the planet, and now SlickPie just makes their lives a little bit easier.

MagicBot is a core part of SlickPie online accounting software, a revolutionary innovation that is going to change how all accounting software works today. It goes out and fetches all those hundreds and thousands of receipts, bills, and other documents that you have stored with a storage service provider like Dropbox. Not only that, MagicBot will create automatic accurate financial transactions that you can review, edit, and approve, thus saving hundreds of hours for small business owners. MagicBot does it all seamlessly by leveraging the power of machine learning and feedback from humans.

I was hooked to SlickPie as soon as I took the picture of a receipt and saved it in my Dropbox and it showed up almost instantly in SlickPie. I almost had a heart attack! Now I just have to take a picture of a receipt and send it to Dropbox and I am done. My bills are being delivered automatically to my Dropbox now.

 –       Souror Wong, Coastal Learning & Training

 The automatic expense account assignment option will help you to categorize your data to the appropriate expense account. MagicBot automatically updates your general ledger as receipts and bills are fetched from Dropbox. All you have to do is review and approve. In fact, there’s literally a little requirement for human input. There is really nothing more to do than reviewing and approving the data!

We believe our lead in innovative technology will define the bookkeeping industry in upcoming years and will be followed by other big 400-pound gorillas in the industry. Current major players in the small business accounting software industry only offer partial solutions and have been unable to fix difficult “time-traps”. MagicBot solves this ancient age problem and solves it quickly.

Now business owners can have reliable financial data that shows a true and current picture of what is going on in their business’s reality.

SlickPie has helped us save more than five hours a week in bookkeeping.

 –       Ben Mutz, CEO – New Age Media

A collective community of 120 businesses came together to test and develop MagicBot during the private beta. Enthusiasts and experts came together to impart valuable feedback, information, and best practices to optimize the automation process for usability and simplicity and today I invite you to join this journey by participating in public beta to make it even better. More feedback we receive better will be your automated data entry tasks.

Delightful experience with SlickPie is going to eclipse all providers, and we are on the path to becoming one of the most popular and fast-growing cloud accounting software on the market. New SlickPie innovations in accounting software make managing books easier than ever. By helping and delighting businesses, MagicBot secures its spot at the heart of SlickPie online accounting software.

Core innovations in MagicBot make SlickPie a winning product to be used by every business. Forward-thinking software makes accounting ridiculously easy and simple, which a big deal and always was for entrepreneurs.

The SlickPie team thinks, plans, and codes how we can just make SlickPie easier to use for you. Every time we do an update the software gets easier to use and becomes more accessible to even more people.

SlickPie is packed with useful, time-saving features including automated reminders, recurring invoicing, and live bank feeds. Technology benefits are full of abundance, and MagicBot makes it even better by instantly populating data in the general ledger. We create an ultimate amazing experience of working with cloud accounting software. That leads to your success because now with more time in hand, you can extend the same delightful experience to your clients:

I got my three hours back just in one week because of you. You have given me five hours back that I can spend with my family as my work is being done not only quickly but also efficiently.

 –       Sandra Gallo, Freelancer

 Business owners are spending countless hours on boring and repetitive tasks, and that worries me. It scares me when I see hour after hour being wasted when there is a much better option to do the same thing. Accounting automation means more time for you, a less stressful life, and a happy personal and professional life. Go ahead and empower yourself.

As always, I am always interested in your input during this public beta on how we can make it even more useful and powerful for, just you. Join the cloud revolution today. Make fewer mistakes… Process faster… Any receipt or bill… Any format… It’s all automatic!

Go For Unique Trends To Scale Biz Growth!

New entrepreneurs and small businesses are constantly searching for new technologies and cost-effective software to compete, grow and achieve success in their respective industries. In this ever-growing competitive environment, it is essential to keep up with the runaway pace and this is only possible, if you keep a tab on novel trends and identify technological innovations that are happening across the world.  Let’s take a quick sneak peek to know why there is a need to move on to unique trends to rev up your business revenues.

Embrace Avant-Garde Technologies: To be well-organized, productive and competitive simultaneously, it’s very essential for small businesses to develop better products and services in line with top trends and new technologies popping up in the industry. It’s necessary for small businesses to adopt cost-effective technologies for greater agility and reduced complexity. For example: Office 365 lets you work effortlessly anywhere at any time. With this, you don’t need to worry about securing your data, as it perfectly controls and gives you more mailbox storage.

Strategically Convey Compelling Value Proposition: Make sure that you clearly communicate your brand’s strategy to your target customers, employees, investors and business partners. Follow this thumb rule – to never disappoint your customers. Always try your best effort to meet customers’ expectations and deliver products or services consistently. In business, never follow your instinct, get into the customers’ shoes, talk to them, get their feedback and accordingly reinvent your end product and services to attract more loyal customers.

Protect Your Intellectual Property (IP) Rights: The most essential and valuable asset for any brand or company is its Intellectual Property Right. IP rights are considered as the most important intangible asset because the success of a company is largely dependent on protection of its brand and IP. Therefore, it’s recommended for new businesses to take proactive measures with regard to preserving their IP rights from any kind of unauthorized usage. Steps you can take are usually specific to your profession. For example if you are a photographer, though you would be unable to fully stop others from copying your images but you can take steps that will make copying images more difficult by using techniques like watermark, hidden layers, tiling, disabling right-clicks etc.

Online Accounting For Organizing Your Finances: Say goodbye to traditional accounting practices as accounting requirements are now better fulfilled by online accounting software. It lets you organize and track all sales/review or send invoices/do taxes or manage all your accounting needs in a seamless way. For example, SlickPie’s Software offers remarkable features and offer time saving tools that empower entrepreneurs to manage their business flawlessly.

Online accounting features

Computing Is No Longer Restricted To Personal Computers (PCs): Computing on smartphones, tablets and even smart wearable devices have impeccably surpassed PCs now! As people now have more access to internet connectivity on their smartphones, the industry insiders feel that going in for mobile computing can turn out to be the best choice for small businesses. Today, everyone loves spending more time on their mobile phones to research about the upcoming purchases, hunt for best deals, discounts and compare price-points of products and services offered by various companies in the digital space.


Unique Trends For Achieving Quick Growth In Business

 Start Your Own Website: Social media is in. Everyone counts on it excessively as it aids in creating and popularizing your products and services. But, if you don’t own a website, then, you may be lagging behind your business rivals. There are plenty of players in the market that create websites. Once you have website, just ensure that it is mobile friendly and works well. For example: WordPress.com allows you to create your website or blog for free.

Participate In Conferences, Trade Shows And Exhibitions: Though social media is termed as the most prolific medium to create your brand visibility, however, sometimes you can also participate in conferences as a key speaker and even book your stall in exhibitions and prominent trade shows where you get a chance to meet new prospects that you can further turn into new customers.

Get Listed On Online Directories: To be able to find new customers and let customers find you, it is important that small businesses must get themselves registered on online directories so that search engines can help your brand show up in top pages.

Secure Your Business From Cyber Threats: No matter how big or small your company is – you are still prone to cyber-attacks that are incessantly occurring every now and then. It’s better to prepared in advance and learn to know – how you can secure your data. Learn more about securing your brand from cyber fraud or attacks or any other common threats you might come across online.

Developing and developed economies of the world now have access to numerous technologies that can support small businesses and entrepreneurs in scaling their business growth. To be more organized and efficient than ever, it is up to you, how you decide which types of technology is right for your business.

Increase Your Business Income In Six Simple Steps

As a small business owner, it’s essential to be constantly attentive towards finding novel profit-making opportunities. To understand, what it really takes to actually survive in the competitive environment and become a profitable enterprise in a shortest possible time, it’s now time to get creative and focus more on ways to quickly ramp up your business.

Here are some nifty ideas that you can essentially consider to increase your company’s profits.

  • Know who your target customers are: In every business, “Customer” is king. As a company, your job is to make things easier for your customers always. You need to get into customers’ shoes to find out – what they like and don’t like about your company’s services, what improvements they are looking in a particular service/product or software and understand more about their specific needs. Talk to them, understand about the issues they are facing and ask for their suggestions to make your product, service or software more customer-friendly. Reach out to your customers quickly and offer them additional services to intensify their biz growth.
  • Go for online accounting: Cloud based online accounting is certainly the most preferred way to go paperless in today’s times. Hopping on to simple yet effective online accounting software will definitely makes things better and helps you to manage your cash flow on your own. Currently, there are number of accounting software available in the market that offers financial management solutions for all types of businesses. Despite offering distinctive features, it also allows customers to track their finances, send automated invoices and retrieve receipts with a single click. Plus, it allows customer to access software from anywhere, at any time.
  • Invest in a cost saving technology: For small businesses, technology advancements are not just a matter of convenience, but a way to save money, ramp up sales, market their services, and retaining target customers. Instead of putting more money in expensive yet complex technology to run your business smoothly, it is important to cash in on cost saving technology to offer seamless experience to the customers and increase your revenues.
  • Social media marketing for small business: If you are active online, there are chances that you can achieve your goals better than anyone else. Social media is the most effective and powerful medium to popularize your products or services without paying additional cash to advertising agencies. You can focus on brand development, marketing and engage customers in no time. Either you are tapping the business-to-business (B2B) category or business-to-customer (B2C); social media has a massive reach across the globe. Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are helping small businesses to convey their message across masses.
  • Optimize your web presence: If you are running a website, it’s best to work more on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to enhance your presence on top pages of Google. If your SEO is well in place, you will be able to attract more customer traffic to your website. Furthermore, there are more chances for people to find you online which will radically improve presence and lets you convert every click into profits.
  • Moving from ordinary to “unique”: Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? The only way is – you need to think of out-of-the-box ideas to create a unique selling proposition of your end product.  Keep innovating often to build that exceptional image of product or service on the customer’s mindset that will eventually help you to stay ahead of ever-growing competition and allows you to build a better brand visibility in the market.